Transformative Skincare For Effortless Beauty.

Our Beauty Transformation

At Camellique, we believe that everyone should experience a beautiful life. For us, it means having a skincare regimen that complements our life in the tropics.

It should be a relaxing experience. It should harness proven ingredients from nature’s lush biodiversity. It should be caring and nourishing so skin welcomes it with open arms. It should leave us fresh-faced but be fuss-free.

Our focus is on products and formulations that have proven benefits and results. We combined natural and functional ingredients as our formula architecture. No nonsense and down-to-earth. This is our secret way to bring Korean formula effective on sub-tropical skin. You can fit Camellique products in your own skincare regime to optimize the efficacy of your routine.

Leveraging over 20 years’ skincare brand experience, Camellique delivers scientifically proven transformative skincare for easy, effortless beauty.

The Story Behind Our Journey

While relocating to Southeast Asia in the early 2000s, the brand owner fell in love with its tropical climate, relaxed island ambiance, culture, food, and hospitality. However, it took her skin a while to adapt to the combination of heat, humidity, and bright sunshine. General skincare products could not fully meet her needs, and her skincare regimen became unbearably complicated. Aspiring to the glowing, not greasy; dewy, not sweaty skin in Korean beauty culture, she decided to create her own brand, Camellique. 

Camellique embodies uniquely Asian values - kindness over competition; accessibility over exclusivity; diversity over division. As tropical skincare continues to evolve, Camellique will lead the way and redefine tropical skincare with our differentiated pursuit of combining folk remedies with innovative methods of delivery and pride in using healing ingredients and recipes passed down through generations

Camellique would not just cater to different skin types, but also celebrate skin as being the shelter of the soul, the largest organ which tells the story of a person’s life and experience. Camellique would be a brand that championed honesty and simplicity. The bearer of both inner and outer beauty.

Our House Flower

For centuries, Camellia has been a symbol of eternal beauty. A beautiful flower characterized by its symmetrical form, layered structure, and strong petals. A flower that resists rough conditions, endures the cold winds and is the first to bloom in winter. Contains the energy and vitality to nourish and rejuvenate skin.

Camellia contains tons of natural goodness, caffeine, catechin, tannin, theanine, vitamin C, free amino acids, and nucleic acids. These compounds offer benefits to the skin, from soothing, stimulating skin’s natural moisturizing water, suppressing the formation of dark spots and freckles, source of antioxidants, and excellent protection against pollution. 

Camellia's amazing adaptability, run-through and end up being the core of Camellique products.


Our Camellia Extraction Process

3 Times Filtration + Hot and Cold Double Extraction Process 

This ensures maximum extraction to get the full benefit of Camellia.


Our Mission

  1. Empower
  2. Empower women and men everywhere to create the future they have always wanted
  4. Elevate 
  5. Elevate people’s sense of self-worth, well-being and vitality so they are liberated to live fiercely and authentically
  7. Embrace
  8. Embrace all skin types, hues, and ages as a celebration of individual history, experiences and accomplishments
  10. Embody
  11. Embody tropical skin beauty culture by blending ancient traditions with scientific innovation to develop smart solutions that keep skin healthy in this unique climate
  13. Experience 
  14. Deliver a skincare Experience like no other, fully flexible and customizable, yet potent and powerful to effectively meet unique needs